About PCI
The strength of stems from the teaming of three highly experienced and competent owner/managers, each possessing decades of experience in their respective fields. The expertise of this core executive team allows PCI to provide the highest levels of sales & customer service, engineering & technical support, and manufacturing quality & expertise. When we say "quality" at PCI ... it's not just our products we're referring to ... it's how we conduct our business, and it's evident in everything we do to service our customers.
Management Team
Fred McWilliams - PCI Co-Founder - CEO
President - GMI Corporation (in house manufacturing partner)
Fred has spent over 35 years in the machining industry and began his career in 1972 as a machinist for Radio Component Corporation and set-up person for Startronics, Inc. Fred's experience and acquired knowledge led him to assume the role of Manufacturing Manager for Delta Electronics in 1984, and then Director of Operations for Specialty Connector Inc in 1989. In 1993 Fred founded GMI Corporation.
Steve McGeary - PCI Co-Founder - President
Steve has been around the RF/Microwave connector industry for most of his life and follows in the footsteps of his father, Pete McGeary, who held senior level engineering positions at several major RF connector companies, including Amphenol, Sealectro, ITT Canon, Whitaker and Solitron Microwave. In 1985 Pete founded Connector Gage Company which Steve joined in 1990. The company was purchased by Summation Research, Inc. in 1996 and became SRI Connector Gage Company, where Steve served as Director of Sales & Marketing. In 2000, Steve co-founded S.G. McGeary Company and served as President until his departure in 2006 to lay the groundwork for Precision Connector, Inc.
Mike Keating - Vice President / Director of Engineering
Mike has over 25 years of design experience in the RF/Microwave Industry including Waveguide components at Airtron Division of Litton, Stripline & Microstrip products at Merrimac Industries and RF Connectors at Astrolab. Prior to joining the team at PCI, Mike served over 10 years as Connector Engineering Manager and RF Interconnect Technology Leader at Micro-Coax, Inc. Mike's design expertise spans nearly every type of RF connector with a particular specialization in ionization & multipaction mitigation for high power aircraft & spacecraft systems. Mike is also an active participant in DSCC and EIA committees for RF Connector interface standards.